Score Review/Appeal

Score review is a verification of a candidate's Uniform CPA Examination score. It involves making certain that the approved answer key was used and that it was applied correctly.

Score review is a service to candidates offering additional assurance that operational quality controls in the scoring process were complete and the scores are accurate. It is an automated and validated process, and does not involve human graders. It is NOT an opportunity to “find additional points” or to have new responses considered.

If you would like to request that your score be validated by the AICPA, you may request a score review. It might be helpful for you to know that all reported scores are subject to routine quality controls and are, in fact, scored twice before they are reported to state boards. As a result, the likelihood of a score change following score review is exceedingly small, or less than 1 percent of all requested score reviews since the inception of the computer based test.

To request a score review, go to:


Score Appeal

The Appeal process is not available to Illinois candidates.

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