How do I schedule an examination appointment?

You apply for the examination as you would now – through the Illinois Board of Examiners. After you have been determined eligible to sit for the examination, the board sends you an approval letter. Your authorization to test is then sent to the National Candidate Database (NCD). Once processed, NASBA sends you a payment coupon. You are required to pay at one time for all parts requested – the payment cannot be spread out. After you pay the examination fees, you receive a Notice to Schedule from the NCD. That Notice to Schedule authorizes you to contact Prometric to schedule a testing appointment(s). The NTS is valid for six months from the date of issue. You will have six months from the date the NTS is issued to schedule and take all examination section(s) for which you have been approved.  Be careful to request on your exam application only those sections you can take in that six month timeframe.

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