CPA Examination

An individual may obtain Illinois certification by passing the Uniform CPA Examination. The  candidate must meet the following requirements:

  1. To be admitted to take the examination, a candidate must meet the educational requirements. The candidate’s academic credentials must be evaluated and approved by the Illinois Board of Examiners prior to sitting for the exam.
  2. The candidate must pass all four parts of the exam. The passing score for each part is 75. Scores are certified by the Illinois Board of Examiners.
  3. The candidate must meet the ethics requirement by taking and passing the  AICPA’s examination course – Professional Ethics: The AICPA’s Comprehensive Course.    

    The Process

    To apply for certification through examination complete these steps:

    1. Go to the online system and create an account. If you have previously submitted an application of any type (evaluation or exam) at any time in the past to the Illinois Board of Examiners, an online account has already been established for you. Contact the Illinois Board of Examiners to obtain your log on account information.  DO NOT CREATE A NEW ONLINE ACCOUNT.
    2. Complete the online academic credentials evaluation application. Pay the fee online via a credit card.              

      The fee amount:
           Evaluation of domestic academic credentials: $175.00
           Evaluation of foreign only, or foreign and domestic credentials: $250.00.

    3. Have official academic transcripts sent to the Illinois Board of Examiners office. The address is: Illinois Board of Examiners - 1120 E Diehl Rd, Suite 110 - Naperville, IL 60563.  International credentials should be mailed directly to: NASBA c/o NIES 150 Fourth Avenue, Ste. 850 North Nashville, TN 37219

      *** Please note: NASBA requires a fee for any related return shipping costs. You can request that your original documents be returned when submitting your documents to NASBA International Evaluation Services. You must pay for return shipping via courier service with a signature required. This is to ensure that your documents are returned to you and you must sign for them upon return. For more information on shipping fees please visit website under FAQs.

    Information on what documents to send to NASBA can be found at:

     Questions regarding international qualifications should be directed to NASBA at 615-880-4200 or by email at:

  4. Complete an online exam application when you are ready to begin testing. You will indicate how many parts of the examination you want to take. You must schedule and take all exam sections you request on each exam application within a six-month time period as specific on your Notice to Schedule.  Pay the fee online via credit card. The fee varies by number of exam parts requested:
         All 4 parts = $120
         Three parts = $108
         Two parts = $76
         One part = $40
  5. Go to the AICPA website and purchase the self study course – Professional Ethics:
    The AICPA’s Comprehensive Course. This course concludes with an online test. As part of the test process indicate that you want Illinois to receive your test score and the AICPA will send the Illinois Board of Examiners your score.  This course must be completed for us to certify individiuals who have passed the four sections of the Uniform CPA Exam.

More detailed information on the examination process can be found by clicking on Exam on the menu bar.

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