How are international credentials evaluated?

The Illinois Board of Examiners evaluates domestic credentials and the National Association of Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) evaluates international credentials based on long established standards and policy.  International education varies widely throughout the world and presents a considerable challenge to be fair and equitable to all candidates.  In order to meet this standard, NASBA works with the International Association of Universities through the utilization of the International Handbook of Universities, 2011 edition.  If an International candidate submits documentation of an undergraduate degree from an accredited international educational institution recognized by the Board of Examiners, the degree will be evaluated based on an equivalent U.S. bachelors degree and the candidate will be credited with 120 semester hours.


Please note: NASBA requires a fee for any related return shipping costs. You can request that your original documents be returned when submitting your documents to NASBA International Evaluation Services. You must pay for return shipping via courier service with a signature required. This is to ensure that your documents are returned to you and you must sign for them upon return.  For more information on shipping fees please visit website under FAQs.

International credentials should be mailed directly to:

c/o NIES
150 Fourth Avenue, Ste. 850 North
Nashville, TN  37219

Questions regarding international qualifications should be directed to NASBA at 615-880-4200 or by email at:

The undergraduate degree must be recognized by the Illinois Board of Examiners to be substantially equivalent to a U.S. Bachelors degree.

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