Do I need to send original documents?

Yes, in order to be considered official, all academic records/transcripts must bear a seal, and a signature, in ink, of an authorized official of the institution (such as the Registrar or Recorder of Records). Official documents must be provided from the institution awarding the degree. A photocopy, fax, email, or notarized document is not considered an official document and will not be evaluated.  You MUST provide transcripts from EVERY college/university attended.

*** Please note: NASBA requires a fee for any related return shipping costs. You can request that your original documents be returned when submitting your documents to NASBA International Evaluation Services. You must pay for return shipping via courier service with a signature required. This is to ensure that your documents are returned to you and you must sign for them upon return. For more information on shipping fees please visit website under FAQs.

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